Lake Watatic

Lake Information

  • Lake Watatic resides on 200 acres.
  • There is no public access to the lake.
  • Unlike some lakes the WLA depends solely on voluntary contributions for weed treatments and miscellaneous expenses.

  • Lake History

  • In the late 1700’s, what is now Lake Watatic was a meadow and a small swamp.
  • In 1772, an 8 foot dam was built to create a pond.
  • The water powered several mills in the area where furniture was made.
  • In the early 1900’s, the mills went out of business.
  • A New York banker started the Watatic Club (at the end of what is now Lake Shore Drive), where prominent business men from NY and NJ frequented.
  • A larger dam was constructed to make a swimming area for members.
  • Lake Watatic became a popular summer resort area.
  • The hurricane of 1938 washed away a large portion of the dam, and the lake drained.
  • It wasn’t until the early 1950’s that the dam was repaired.
  • Once the lake was back, house lots were sold, and the area made a comeback.
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