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The main weed treatment was done on Tuesday June 21st, as scheduled. See details in the weed section below...

In order to keep our lake safe please follow a counter clock wise direction for all boat traffic and make sure your visitors know this rule before heading out on the lake.

With the warm weather approaching it is also a good time to brush up on the Massachusetts boating laws which can be found at http://www.mass.gov.

Let's have an enjoyable and safe summer on the lake.

WLA Meetings

August 28th

The last meeting of the year will be held at 10am August 28th at Harold and Lisa Dandy's house on 44 Hilltop Drive .

We will be taking orders for Lake Watatic T-Shirts, sweatshirts and hats again. If you can't attend the meeting and need information or want to place an order, e-mail Diane Fiorentino


Topical treatment of the lily pads is usually done in September.

Watch for notices around the lake, and remember that there is no boating, fishing, swimming or irrigation allowed until 24 hours after this treatment has been done. Note: These time restrictions differ from the main weed treatment.

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