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On Thursday July 31st at 6:30 PM at the Stevens Memorial Library, there will be a meeting about the town's "Open Space and Recreation Plan". One of the town's objectives includes providing public access to our lakes for both passive and active recreation. We need to show strong opposition to such a plan, so please be there if at all possible. Thank you.

Lake water quality tests were performed on July 8th. Three samples were taken from the north, middle and southern sections of the lake. The samples were sent to Aquatic Control's water testing laboratory, and the overall results were good. The details will be shared at the August lake meeting.

WLA Meetings

August 31st

The meeting will be held at 10am August 31st. The location will be announced.

We invite everyone to come, meet your neighbors and get information on what's going on around the lake.


Topical treatment of lily pads will be done some time in September. Watch for the notices around the lake.

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